The National Detector Dog Foundation was established in 1986 and organized by law enforcement officers who have seen firsthand the destructiveness and ready availability of drugs among the young people in our country.

Since its inception, most of the NDDF's efforts have gone unpublicized, not so much by design but rather by the fact that we lacked both the staff and centralized means for doing so. During the period, however, our members have worked both collectively and as independent agents with various individual agencies and organizations, such as the Presidential Drug Task Force, and the Texas State Department of Corrections.

In an effort to become more visible to the general public and to be better positioned to respond to expanding requests and needs -- including those that are now coming from businesses previously thought of as "nontraditional" -- we centralized our base of operations in 2001 and selected Dawsonville, Georgia, USA, for the location of our home office.

We're here, we're focused, and now more than ever, we need your support!

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