The National Detector Dog Foundation is a nonprofit, Georgia-based corporation that is dedicated to a drug and terrorist-free society. Towards that end, our mission is to:

  • Rescue abandoned and unwanted dogs from inevitable destruction through our K-9 candidate selection program for detector dog training in areas that meet and/or exceed the recipients' needs and complies completely with our own high standards of training excellence.

  • Assist Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement, Emergency/Medical Agencies, and other emerging entities with their drug and terrorist interdiction programs by providing K-9 detector dog resources that have been trained to fulfill specific functions.

  • Educate young people to the evils and consequences of illicit drug use.

  • Provide both young people and the populace in general with information on how we can protect ourselves from potential terrorist activities.

  • Place dogs that cannot be trained to our high standards of excellence either in assisted living facilities, veterans homes, etc., where needed and appropriate, or in the homes of screened and qualified individuals.

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